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  • Phone : +91 9730841066
  • Address : Ambika Nagar,Akola-44404 Maharashtra
  • June 29, 2021


NUTRICAP Boicapsule is world first patented PGPR Boicapsule Technology.
It delivering Plant Growth promoting Bacteria (PGPR), Rhizobactoria, Azatobacteria, Fungal Spore,  N-Fixture Bacteria & Boi control Agents.

Method of Application

Dissolve 1 Nutricap capsule in 1 liter sterilized water (Bisleri).
Now apply these 1 Liter master solution to 100 to 500 kg compost or organic manure.
Or mix these master solution to 100 to 200 ltr normal clean water. & Apply to plant by drenching  for 1 Acre land.
For seed treatment use 1 Capsule for upto 30 Kg seed.

Each NUTRICAP capsule contains 109  prop gules
It enrich the compost with microbals.
Enhance soil fertility
PGPR & other bacteria are free living bacteria that colonize the soil or compost.
Low cost ecological safe microbes 
Promote crop growth & increase in yield
Microbals population level 109 CFU after activation.