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  • Time : Monday-Sunday : 9:00am-6:00pm
  • Phone : +91 9730841066
  • Address : Ambika Nagar,Akola-44404 Maharashtra
  • June 29, 2021


TRICHOSHIELD  Boicapsule is world first patented Trichoderma Harzinum MTCC 5179 Boicapsule Technology.
Trichoderma harzinum is known for microbals for protecting plants, Soil & Compost against soil born pathogens. 
Method of Application

•Dissolve 1 TRICHOSHIELD capsule in 1 liter sterilized water (Bisleri).
• Now apply these 1 Liter master solution to 100 to 500 kg compost or organic manure.
• Or mix these master solution to 100 to 200 ltr normal clean water. & Apply to plant by drenching  for 1 Acre land.
• For seed treatment use 1 Capsule for upto 30 Kg seed.


•It resist against welting of crops.
•Each TRICHOSHIELD capsule contains 109  prop gules
• It enrich the compost with microbals.
•Enhance soil fertility
•Trichoderma Harzinum MTCC 5179 bacteria are free living bacteria that colonize the soil or compost.
•Low cost ecological safe microbes 
•Promote crop growth & increase in yield
•Microbals population level 109 CFU after activation.
Trichoderma 3 Kg/ltr = 1 TRICHOSHIELD Capsule